Michelle Clark – CEO and Founder

I founded Lose the Label in 2013 after experiencing a variety of  reactions and disconcerting language from the pubic and professionals I came into contact with during the course of everyday life with my young daughter Mara.

Identifying that continued use of such a defining language would limit my daughters potential and opportunities I set out to gently and effectively educate society, initially via the photographic campaign and eventually through training presentations,  public exhibitions and the media to update knowledge and provoke thought about the impact language has on individuals with Down syndrome, their families and wider community.

No matter how we raise Mara, no matter what we teach her, your thoughts and your words will impact the way she feels about herself.

Prior to the birth of my daughter, my 25 year career encompassed senior positions in Project Management, Customer Service and Design with various SME’s in both Australia and the UK’s emerging technology markets.